Strawberries in winter 白石湖草莓園

Winter in Taiwan is the ... strawberry season!
That's right, you read it right ... strawberries.
Big. Red. Yummy. Sweet. Strawberries.

There are quite a few strawberry gardens right in Taipei and more precisely in Neihu 內湖. Many of them are located in one area, on the Bishan Rd. 碧山路There are also a few in Dahu 大湖. HERE is the list of some of the gardens.

For the past few days the weather has been really nice - sunny and 20-25C. Nice weather like that can not last long during winter in Taiwan, so I decided to go strawberry picking as soon as the opportunity arose. Today was a perfect day.

Out of all the gardens I chose the Baishi Hu Strawberry Garden 白石湖草莓園 at No.40 Bishan Rd. 碧山路40號.

After filling our basket with strawberries we had some nice ice-cream.

Close to the gardens there are two other interesting places to visit, the Houhu Wetlands 後湖濕地 and the Baishi Hu Suspension Bridge 白石湖吊橋.

The Houhu Wetlands are just a few small ponds with wooden walkways. The place become popular …

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